Ways to Keep Cool in the Summer on the Costa del Sol

Whether you are acclimatised or not, as the mercury rises throughout July and August, we all start searching for ingenious ways to keep cool in the summer on the Costa del Sol. Our air-con units simultaneously become our best friends and worst enemies. They keep us close, indoors and dependent. Like a hermit, too scared to venture away from its cooling breeze. Their hum is designed, it seems, to drown...

Why live in Spain?

t would be very cliché to say that I moved to Spain for the sun, sea, sand and sangria. It wouldn’t be a lie. In reality, however what I have found, is so much more. It’s no wonder that Andalucia is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the world. Residents are happier, healthier and more relaxed than you’ll ever find at home. Now, whilst I do not promote losing touch with...

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