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Estate and property management in Spain from Dreamlife Property

Many people choose to holiday lettings to help them make the most out of their investment on the Mediterranean Coast. This can provide a useful second income while your property would otherwise be empty.  For many owners, the dream lifestyle of having a place in the sun wouldn’t be possible without the income they earn by renting to holidaymakers. Some offset a significant proportion of their expenses, making a holiday home an affordable luxury. A third of our clients break even on their properties. For some the profits are a welcome additional income.  Others just want to know that the property is safe while it’s empty.

Dreamlife property offers a competitive, low cost rental property management service. In tune with the Dreamlife Philosophy, we give you complete peace of mind.  You can relax safe in the knowledge that your property is in good hands while you’re away.  Our experience and results driven approach is second to none.  Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Key holding
  • Monthly property inspections as required
  • E-reports
  • Electrical installation inspection
  • General checks of condition and security
  • Water supply inspection
  • Locks, terraces and patios inspection
  • Additional inspections after adverse weather, heavy rain for example
  • Appliance inspections
  • Emergency maintenance call out service
  • Meet and greet service for holiday lettings
  • Welcome packs for guests
  • Cleaning and laundry service
  • Pool cleaning, garden maintenance and window cleaning
  • We can arrange any building work or new installations that may be required
  • Dreamlife Property Aftercare Department will take good care of you before and after the property purchase!

Get in touch now and see what Dreamlife Property managers can do for you today.

Why rent out your Holiday Home?

Holiday lettings or short term rentals.

By renting your holiday home out for short term rentals you can make the most out of it when it’s empty.   We’ll fix a weekly rate to cover all running costs and give you an additional income when you’re not using the property.  When you want to use it, just say so and we’ll keep the dates open for you.

In season, short term holiday lettings are a great way to draw a significant revenue stream from your property without stopping you from enjoying it when you want to!

Long term rentals

Long term rentals are a great way to guarantee an income form the property over a longer period of time. Short term rentals might be great in the summer, but many owners choose to rent out their homes on a longer basis from October to June for example.

This way, it’s possible to secure an income from the property, whilst minimising weekly expenses such as cleaning and laundry as well as changeover fees and meet and greet services. This is definitely something to consider during the winter months when the short term holiday season premium isn’t available.

Why choose Dreamlife Property to manage your rentals

”We convert enquiries into bookings”

It’s no use having the phone ringing off the hook if you’re not able to turn an enquiry into a booking.  These days holiday makers have a large range of choices at their fingertips so in order to convert a tentative enquiry into a definite booking for your holiday home, you need to be quick off the mark. We respond to your enquiries without delay and not only will this portray professional service, but your availability calendar should also fill up quickly.

We think about our own expectations as a holidaymaker and respond to clients quickly. We aim to respond to all enquiries within an hour.

We maintain a straightforward yet effective booking system that lets you and your guests know exactly where you stand.

We confirm bookings by email and send a Booking Form, Rental Confirmation and a copy of our Terms & Conditions.  This means the guests are fully aware of their rights and responsibilities and also provides a professional service.

Before we formally accept a booking, we will make sure we have received a completed, signed booking form along with the deposit payment. The booking form along with payment forms part of the contract.

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