Dreamlife Property works hand in hand with promotors and developers

With our developments sales consultancy, we are dedicated to works hand in hand with promoters and developers to achieve the best possible price in the shortest possible time through direct, targeted marketing aimed at both the local and international markets

Included in this area we offer the following services:

  • Commercialisation of dwellings and residential complexes
  • Real estate project consultancy
  • Marketing planning and development for real estate promotors
  • Collaboration with private investors to detect investment opportunities

With respect to commercialisation of dwellings:

The commercialisation is carried out through these three channels:

  • An extensive network of agents in all of Europe
  • More than 500 international marketing companies that work with us
  • Direct sales

Network of agents:

Proprietary offices


Dreamlife Property proprietary offices can be found in Málaga, Alicante, Norway and Russia.


Our network of agents is formed by real estate companies in all of Europe, the Middle East, China and North America. All of them through a formal, contractual relationship. Through this contract they commercialise our products in their respective countries.  With the majority we are in permanent communication thanks to the synchronisation of our database, meaning that every day we update our products on our partner’s networks. Just as important is our network of local agents in Spain.

Associate agents

Furthermore, Dreamlife Property works with more than 500 real estate agencies which feature all the franchises present in the area and share them at the same time on their own networks. With our associates, we share the product with private access software.

We are very aware that in order to be successful in a project it’s of utmost importance to make sure our network is effective. And for that our network of agents give priority to our product, because they know that it is a product with a good price/quality relationship, a good margin, and a good start in the market.  We don’t work with mediocre products, because that would negatively affect the effectivity of our network of agents and tarnish our credibility.


”At Dreamlife Property we know that to have an effective network we need two things, a good product and excellent service.”

Direct sales are carried out through our own call centre and our own highly skilled salespeople. The majority of our clients are acquired through the actions of our marketing department.

The planning and development of marketing plans for promotors is a good example of the positioning that we have, thanks to the command of these three elements:

  • Marketing strategy
  • New technologies: The internet and its different channels
  • Constant capacity to change. We work around a constant belt of movement in which we move with ease thanks to the model, execution, measurement, change, execution

Dreamlife Property is not a franchise of offices with one HQ. We are a team with our own personnel, which means that we’re present in all sales processes. We don’t subcontract any services. The personnel assigned exclusively to this project form part of the company and as such have the experience and qualifications necessary to carry the project to a successful outcome.

Finally, to empathise that we have ample experience in the marketing of exclusive promotions, we believe that there is no better than our own clients to attest to the quality of our work.

Dreamlife Property can show this, not just tell it, We’ve never taken longer than 8 months to successfully sell one of the promotions that we have in exclusive.

Some of our main clients and the main services offered to them

Global House Marbella

Support in the marketing of 2500 dwellings

Magna Manilva Promocion

Facing a lack of results this client was forced to go back on an exclusive agreement with Solvia in order to give it to Dreamlife Property. The result, all units sold in three months.

Erasur Promotora

1,500 dwellings in Marbella, Consultancy in defining the product and marketing

FM consulting

Consultancy in defining the product, marketing strategy, definition of target market

CHT Capital

Consultancy for two promotions under construction

Jardines del Albaicin

Marketing in exclusive with the promotor and Banco Popular. All units sold in 3 months

Consultancy for land selection and development in Costa del Sol

Lunymar Golf

Following a abrupt halt to sales the Scandinavian market was identified as a target for promotion. A campaign was designed based fundamentally in the new target market and the sales process was modified to meet the needs of the new market.

Results: 100% of the units were sold with a ration of sales to tours of 25%, in other words, one in every four clients that visited the promotion bought a property.

Selwo one

Marketing and sales problems, sales halted during 4 years. The marketing strategy was completely overhauled and prices were re-evaluated.  A lot of hard work rebranding the product paid off and the development was successfully marketed.

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