Legal Services

At Dreamlife Property we want you to enjoy the experience of finding your dream home on the Mediterranean Coast.

It’s more important to us than ever that it doesn’t turn into a nightmare. We’ve all heard horror stories.  Planning permission, tax, unpaid bills are just a few things that can be easily overlooked if you don’t know what you’re doing.   Let’s face it, it’s not every day that you buy a house in the sun, so it must be done right, first time.

We guarantee a personalised, superior level of service that allows our clients to make the very best of their time here searching for the perfect property.

We work with professional, independent English speaking Spanish property lawyers to ensure complete security and absolute peace of mind throughout the entire conveyancing process. We take care of everything from registering you with the Spanish authorities to making sure that the previous owner paid his last water bill.   You don’t have to worry about a thing.

We offer a comprehensive package covering all aspects from evaluating the property before you make an offer to transferring the utilities to you once you’ve moved in. Here’s a more comprehensive list:

Pre purchase legal services

  • We’ll get your foreigner’s ID number for you – NIE
  • Register you with the tax office
  • Open a bank account for you
  • Get in touch with the land registry and make sure there are no debts, fines or any other nasty surprises attached to the property
  • We’ll check, double check, and triple check the property deeds
  • We’ll make sure there are no other debts attached to the property like maintenance or community charges, unpaid utility bills, and that all relevant licenses are up to date and in good order
  • We’ll prepare the contracts and handle the conveyancing
  • We can deal with the bank, the estate agents, the previous owner and any private or public institutions that may be involved with the sale/purchase process
  • Notary assistance. We’ll accompany you to the notary and make sure everything is in order. If you want to stay by the pool instead of going, just say so.  We’ll even get you a piña colada, in a real scooped out pineapple and give you a foot massage.  Well, maybe not the foot massage, or the Piña Colada, but you catch my drift.

Post purchase legal services

  • We’ll make sure all the relevant authorities are informed of the purchase where necessary
  • We’ll transfer the utilities to your name for you and we’ll register your ownership with the land registry

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