Kickstart your career in real estate with Dreamlife Property

I could start by telling you that Dreamlife Property is at the top of its game in Spanish real estate. Or I could make a fuss about how we’ve continued to grow even during a recession. I could go on and on about how committed to training and development we are. I could tell you how much money you could make, if you’re talented and put the work in. I could even harp on about the benefits of working in a truly international team of property experts with global focus. I could go further and witter on about the weather and how refreshing it is to work in such a sun kissed paradise.

But that’s not what really matters. What really matters is you.

If you’re a proactive, client focused, hard-working, optimistic, team player who speaks excellent English and is keen to grow with us then there could be a place here for you.

The most important qualification that you have is your positive attitude. It’s the single vital quality that we demand from all of our employees.  Sure we invite applications from professionals with a background in law, management, finance, customer service, sales, media and communication, languages, real estate, marketing and even aerospace engineering. But all successful applicants are always positive thinkers.

We want you to succeed in your career in real estate, we also want you to be happy

We want you to develop, we don’t want to keep you down. We’ll keep pushing you toward great things.  We know you’re a person and we treat you as such.  We operate a flexible timetable so you can stay in control of your time and keep coming to work with a positive attitude, every day.  If you want to develop new business, talk to us and we’ll help you do it.  We will support you in the direction that you want to go in.

“It’s like you’re your own boss – The only thing you have to bring is results, how you do it is up to you”. Pedro Llorent, Costa Blanca Director

We make dreams come true

“It doesn’t matter what the client asks for – we can help. Unlike many other agents with a small office who can only deal with requests for their street almost. We operate on the entire Mediterranean coast. So it doesn’t matter what people might ask for, we have the capability. And that’s a great feeling”. Michael Blackburn, Listings Manager

It’s this work ethic that sets us apart from the competition. Being employed by Dreamlife Property is equal to a certificate of industry excellence. If you’ve got what it takes to embark upon an exciting career in international real estate then we’d like to hear from you. Make the best career decision ever. Send us your CV.

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