Letter from the CEO

Real estate experts in the Costa del Sol Spain

Sitting on my terrace with a cup of coffee looking over the Mediterranean Sea, with the mild wind gently touching my face, and with the sun rising. I cannot stop wondering…why doesn’t everybody live here?

Still after all this time, the sense of wellbeing and happy feeling strikes me every single day I wake up.

I must have the most rewarding job in the world, being the manager of a company that provides people with the possibility to establish a base in this paradise. A company of dedicated professionals who not only find our clients their Dream Property, but who work from the heart in every aspect of the process with determination and tenacity to find the perfect place that adheres to all the client’s needs. I see them with a smile on their face leaving for the airport to welcome a person who has come to evaluate the possibility of finding their own place in the sun. I watch them work from early morning to late evening, not to sell, but to fulfil the vision the client has given them.

The Mediterranean Coast is the right place, with its 320 Sun filled days a year, its location, its distinguished combination of luxury, tradition, restaurants, golf, shopping, nightlife, sea, beaches, mountains, and the international atmosphere that makes you feel at home wherever you may come from.

You have chosen the right company. We will deliver beyond your expectations! From the moment you meet us, until the moment you have found your Dream property.

You will feel safe: Our quality procedure securing all the legal and administrative elements stands out in a way that is second to none.

You will feel taken care of: Our service and customer care program, allows you to relax in the process. Transport, Hotel… we take care of it all.

You will feel satisfied: I personally guarantee. We will find your dream property and leave you feeling 100% percent satisfied.


Welcome to Dreamlife Property

Martin Jorgensen

CEO Dreamlife Property

Real Estate Spain

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