Expert property management from the Dreamlife Property experts

The Team – expert property management in spain

Dreamlife Property would not be anything without the people behind it. We pride ourselves on customer service, yet we could never achieve excellence in customer service without our happy, dedicated team.  These are the people that strive every day to ensure that your property purchasing experience is a memorable and enjoyable one.  All members of the team are passionate and knowledgeable about what they do.  Our team of international property experts wake up in the morning ready and willing to go out each day and make your dream of owning a property on Spain’s Mediterranean Coast a reality.

Most of us have relocated to Spain in order to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle ourselves, so we practice what we preach. We love it here, and we want you to love it here too. We’ve also been through the process of relocation with our own families ourselves so are in the best possible position to give advice on anything about moving here, not just the obvious real estate advice, things like schools or restaurants or anything else.  Just ask we’re more than happy to help.  We come from all kinds of different backgrounds and enjoy doing all kinds of different things.  So you’re bound to find at least one of us that you can get along with!

The directors – Property experts

Rolf Christensen and Martin Jorgensen are two real estate professionals with 40 years’ experience in the international real estate industry. In 2010 they decided to join forces and create Dreamlife Property.  In the middle of a recession Dreamlife Property was born and has flourished thanks to its philosophy of striving for excellence in customer service through constantly improving sales practice.   Thanks to their know how and ability, coupled with the teams hard work, Dreamlife Property has become a market leader in international real estate on the Mediterranean Coast.

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