Sell with Dreamlife Property

Ask yourself, do you want to put your property on the market? Or, do you want to sell it?

Dreamlife property has sold over 800 homes since 2010, and that’s during a recession. How do we achieve those results?  Are we persuading the sellers to give the properties away?  Do we just work for the buyers and only care about making a quick bit of commission?

No. That’s not part of the Dreamlife Philosophy.  We put our client first. Always. Whether you’re buying or selling.  We invest in marketing your property, and marketing it well.   Our in house marketing team are experts in the international property market and they make sure that your property advertisement is seen by the right client.   We employ professional copywriters to write adverts for your property or development that stand out.  Many agents will just throw the ad online and wait for a bite. Like fishing for carp.  We study your property, identify the target market, and focus our attention on making your property seen by those who are most interested in and able to buy it.

We are unique in this aspect, nobody else has recognised that in this difficult and competitive industry, we must adapt to stay relevant. We realize that we’re not just selling property abroad, we’re selling the experience of living on the Mediterranean and the property is an integral part of that life experience.

Sell property abroad

Got a hillside villa?

We’ll shoot professional quality aerial footage from a drone to make sure we do justice to those breath taking views and that stunning contemporary design.

Love your interiors?

We’ll craft professional photos and videos so that potential clients can feel what it’s like to live in your property, before they even fly to Spain.

Next to the ocean?

We make sure that potential visitors know exactly what they’re missing out on before they even call us. The soft sound of the waves rocking you to sleep at night.  The joy of watching the sun rise over the glittering surf as the warm briny air fills your nostrils.

Historic location?

We do our research and make sure we communicate the rich history that the buyer can help to continue by living there. From tales of Barbary pirates raiding the coves of the Costa Blanca, to short bios of the world class architect who designed Beverly Hills, and your house!

Great property for entertaining?

We’ll make sure the buyer can imagine being there before they even step through the door. From barbecues by the pool to fine dining on the terrace.

It’s the little things that matter the most.

We make sure that our buyers are so well informed and genuinely interested so as to make the best possible use of everyone’s time. In many cases, they have already fallen in love with your property, before they have even set foot in Spain!

So if you’ve read this, and you still want to sell your property. Get in touch now for a no obligation assessment and free market appraisal and sell your overseas property fast.

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